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From the Virginia Department of Forensic Science website: The major analytical disciplines (Controlled Substances, Firearms & Toolmarks, Forensic Biology, Forensic Toxicology, Latent Prints, Questioned Documents and Trace Evidence) each have a section chief at the Central Laboratory. Section chiefs have statewide responsibility for the technical aspects of their area, including resource and training needs, quality assurance, analytical procedures and protocols, interpretation and reporting of analytical results. Each section at each of the four labs also has a supervisor to ensure that the section's technical procedures are upheld by its forensic examiners and technical assistants.

In addition to the lab director, support staff and technical staff, each laboratory employs a forensic photographer and forensic evidence specialists who provide evidence intake services and control evidence custody. The Central Laboratory maintains a Photo Processing Section which develops and prints crime scene and autopsy photographs for all agencies served by the Department. The Central Lab also houses a Training Section which instructs law enforcement personnel in crime scene processing and evidence handling, and a Breath Alcohol Section which certifies breath alcohol instruments and trains operators in their use.

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